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Sod Installation

Have you considered sod installation to bring your property to the next level? Whether your lawn is an unfinished blank slate, you want an overhaul, or you just need to replace some dead grass, Trifecta Landscaping sod installation can save you time and backache. Take a look.

Sod vs. Seed

The truth is, sod installation has many benefits over grass seed. It’s an instant lawn where hours before it was just dirt. It’s a much denser grass than grass grown from seed, which requires years to fill in fully. Additionally, sod prevents soil erosion and requires significantly less water to root.

The Benefits of Professional Sod Installation

If you’ve ever tried your hand at laying sod, you know how much work it can be. Not only is sod heavy, but it requires careful planning to line it up and install it properly without gaps or overhangs. Here are a few other benefits to consider:

  • Soil preparation – Soil needs proper prep for the sod to take. A professional landscaper knows how to prep the soil to create the right foundation to prevent the sod from dying.
  • Grading the area – For proper drainage, there must be proper grading. If the lawn area slopes in the wrong direction, you could be in for a flooded lawn or even a flooded basement. Professional landscapers understand the importance of grading in the pre-sod prep.
  • Proper sod installation – Sod installation is a bit like laying tile – you have to know where to start and how to progress across a space to create smooth, seamless grass.

Take Advantage of Our Expert Sod Installation Services

The team at Trifecta Landscaping has the knowledge, experience, and tools for precise sod installation. As a result, we can save you the headache and backache that can come from doing it yourself. For a beautiful outdoor space, you can use and enjoy with your family, contact our team today for a free quote on your sod installation.